Without Corporations

Greenwash: The Reality Behind Corporate Environmentalism


Nuclear Power Deception and Anti-Nuclear

Participatory Research

Participatory Action - Research

The Bhopal Library:

Corporate Crimes and Global Activism

Bhopal Reader - Bhopal Library, Corporate Crimes and Global Activism

This collection of books chronicles 25 years of ongoing corporate crimes by two major multinational corporations (Union  Carbide and Dow  Chemicals). It reveals the evolving understanding of the meaning of the Bhopal, India chemical spill for understanding the danger to human rights of globalization. In its major Bhopal case  study, “Clouds of Injustice”, Amnesty International’s main conclusion is the need to make Human Rights a key standard in  today’s industrial  globalization. The  failure to clean up the site to this day has  created yet new victims of polluted water aquifers of lethal chemicals leaking into the soil. To date no legal or corporate authority has compelled the corporation to  correct these human rights violations. More >



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Books to Build Real, Sustainable Democracy

We wrote the books on “corporate person hood” before it became a household word! Apex Press dissects the corporate impact on human rights, democracy, the environment, technology and economic & social justice. Some of our books are classics of alternative thinking, untainted by today’s corporate free speech (greenwashing). Our books get blurbs from thinkers like Howard Zinn, Jim Hightower, Pete Seeger, Vandana Shiva, Amitai Etzioni, Maude Barlow, Paolo Freire, Noam Chomsky, Paul R. Ehrlich, among others. Our founding publisher Ward Morehouse also co-founder of POCLAD, (Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy), incubated and wrote some of the early books on corporate personhood.

Corporate Personhood & Human Rights
Gaveling Down the Rabble: How Free Trade Is Stealing Our Democracy by Jane Anne Morris - POCLAD member
Democracy &
The Rule of Law
You Call This a Democracy? by Paul Kivel

The “Eyes” Books – World Culture Series

Through Chinese Eyes: Tradition, Revolution And Transformation These works demolish stereotypes by offering the world to readers through the “eyes” of its own people. Through the Eyes of India, Japan, the Middle East, Africa and China, each book is a vivid introduction to the history, culture, society, economics, politics, and the tumultuous US relationships — as viewed by diverse citizens of these regions, past and present. Useful for travelers and business people, they are widely used as textbooks for high school through college students and are regularly updated. More >

Guides to Democratic Citizenship

The Maxwell Manual for Good Citizenship: Public Policy Skill in ActionThese books teach students the essential components for public policy analysis; how to get information from published sources and individuals; how to survey  stakeholders; formulate public policy;  examine costs and benefits of a policy; develop political strategies; write a briefing paper; research and write a quantitative research paper; among other skills. More >